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A Fresh Release From Ian Chamberlain

A new release from Ian Chamberlain brings out an alluring and smooth guitar tonality that is brought into a cinematic atmosphere that combines jazzy undertones with guitar hooks that stick with you for hours after the track has ended.

"Where Are You Now?" is a very gracefully and intricately woven single that keeps that guitar at the forefront but also features some outstanding drumming, piano, and more.

One of my favorite things about this track is the fact that it takes you through this sort of musical Journey and it's very easy to get swept away into it and step out of your own world for a little bit into Ian's.

This is also really fun because there are definitely some surprises around the corners including a sort of thrash rock section that just bursts in and out quickly and it takes you by storm because you really don't expect it, but I love that aspect about the song.

It's pretty clear that Ian is a guitar player at heart and that it's likely the recording process and songwriting is when he's most in his zone.

I love instrumental music that tells someone of a story and this one has a little bit of a noir and mysterious effect to it with a little bit of extra edginess in there.

Upon listening to this single you definitely are urged to go and check out some more of the artists back catalog which is lush with originals, remixes and just so much different character and persona throughout everything that it's easy to spend half your day listening to all this stuff.

A lot of these releases are singles but also there are some great full-length albums and even eps that you can swim through and feel the different environments that he's able to create with these releases.

these pieces are colorful and definitely inspired by a number of different things that he was able to somehow weave into these beautiful pieces and have them make perfect sense in terms of even telling a story half the time.

Perhaps he is very heavily inspired by the cinematic universe in general and the soundtracks and scores to film.

Either way, this is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for especially if you are into the genre and are open to some experimental sides because he definitely is and it all works really well for his songs because he does everything with a tasteful touch where nothing is really overdone but the balance and dynamic is always where it needs to be.

Check this one out and then dive through the rest of his catalog while you do your thing throughout the day because it's awesome as soundtrack music.

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