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A Fresh Album Release From VOSH

An album release from Vosh brings out a lush atmosphere and a vast soundscape in the form of post-punk, industrial, alternative pop, and rock all rolled into one massive release that boasts a cinematic undertone and has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

The Vessel album has plenty of layers that can be peeled back and comes through with such a wondrous array of instrumentation from guitars to synth pads that add spacious surroundings along with percussion that keeps songs driving but also makes them Progressive.

The vocals are intense and passionate while remaining colorful and melodic, but it all lets the songs feel like they're alive and breathing.

This is a very beautiful record, and it definitely hits with a certain element of edginess but as it does so you also get these robust vintage pop soundscapes and textures that hit and that combination in itself is so enticing and alluring.

Some of these songs give me a little bit of a nostalgic feeling and they sound like they could have been part of the soundtrack to a chapter in my own life at a certain point in time.

I love how these songs are so spacious and just dripping with this aesthetic that feels like you're in a movie.

This is quite a heavy escape and it's been a while since I heard an actual full record like this that lets you escape in this manner for such a good amount of time.

When it's over you sort of have to shake it off and reacclimate yourself back to your reality again.

That feeling is in an addicting one and it happens over and over throughout this record starting with about halfway through.

The use of synths and keys is a major element to a lot of these songs and those are what really help create that cinematic backbone, but the guitars had either additional melodies that float in the song's ether or a rock edge that lets the songs thrive.

They do such an outstanding job of mailing that late 80s almost new wave and synth pop aesthetic and then taking it into a different realm altogether at the same time.

The record has loads and loads of character and each song serves well as a single on its own, but this should be a record that you listen to from beginning to end all the way through because that's how it was meant to be done.

In my opinion, we need more pop of this nature because not only have a lot of us missed it, but some of us sort of feed off of it and it feels good to have this in our lives.

There's a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this album but it never loses that certain heart that it was born from in the first place and that's really important.

This was a very full-bodied release that was completely satiated especially if you listen to the whole album.

It's danceable, you want to sing along with it, and there are tons of parts that surprise you which all make for a refreshing alternative pop record.

Kudos to Vosh for this old to classic cinematic pop.

Check this out as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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