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A Flowing and Lush New Release From Alexandra Babiak

The latest release from Alexandra Babiak gives off such an array of beautiful and lush songwriting and instrumentation that comes through with a natural flow and energy to it that lets you drift along with everything and has a way of really pulling you in.

The Magical Thinking album brings out a full-bodied but subtle set of songs that each have a little bit of a different undertone, but it all has a way of tying together almost like a concept album would.

The songs are atmospheric and when you listen to the album, you're able to sort of escape into this different world for a while which is very refreshing to hear.

I think we all need albums that let us Escape our own reality for a little while to experience another so that we can get some relief.

It's the same thing as reading a good book or watching a good movie. When you come out of this record, you have to sort of reacclimate yourself back to reality again.

This is something you don't get a lot these days so when you hear it it's really just amazing.

The songs are so smooth in a way and have this very unique character and energy to them that makes them addicting to the point where once you get to the end of the album, you're kind of sad about it.

That's the other thing about this record. There are plenty of songs that stand on their own two feet as singles because they each have that particular personality that they display however, listening to the whole album in one shot is really the way to soak it in.

I know, you got to have enough time to do it. But if you do, this is definitely the record to listen to as a whole.

The vocals are beautiful and silky, alluring and intriguing while the music hints towards jazz undertones and dreamy overtones as songs tell stories from different perspectives.

The keys across this release are just perfectly done and with such wondrous dynamic and soul that it's almost warming in a way.

Although the songs make perfect sense with one another as you listen to the album, you do start to understand that songs may come up that you don't really expect because the album does have some surprises around some of those corners.

There are some layers to be peeled back with this release and it's really fun to do so because that's part of the experience.

This is my point. The album is an actual experience and I think that full-length records used to be like that but somewhere along the lines it kind of stopped.

Records turned into a bit of a cookie-cutter situation where you have a slew of the same-sounding songs in a row, and they don't tell much story.

So, to have an LP that tells stories and does so with such soul and dedication along with music that takes you through these atmospheres and aesthetics is outstanding.

This was an incredibly well-woven release and there was a lot of attention to detail that went into it but no matter how much detail there is, it never loses that actual soul or drive.

Definitely swim through the textures of this release when you get a chance because it's one of the best ways to spend your free time musically.

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