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A Fierce New LP From Chronic Trigger

Chronic Trigger returns this time with a full-length album poised to destroy your ear holes with pounding and driving, fiery guitars and screeching vocals that burst into melodic chunks of dripping metal and destructive drumming that coincide with a crazy bass tone to all come together and rip you to shreds.

We are no strangers to this band as we have previously had the honor and privilege to interview them about their insatiable single "Plucking Pustule Peter's Poisoned Porky Porpoise Punchbowl Party" which came along with a visually enticing and horrific music video that you just couldn't turn away from.

Little did I know that this track was just the tip of the iceberg and in saying that I mean the iceberg being their new LP dubbed You Can't Dance To This.

Aside from some of the song titles on this record being obscenely humorous in just the right manner, this record howls with a beckoned call to all kinds of classic thrash, death, and even melodic metal with elements of east coast hardcore lurking just beneath the surface and all kinds of grinding soundscape.

Normally I bring up bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Zombie Apocalypse, Slipknot, and even Mr. Bungle maybe? However, I'd like this to be aimed not only at those who love fierce and high-speed metal, but those who are somewhat unfamiliar with it to an extent.

So here's the pitch.

You know how you listen to certain kinds of music when you're sad? Like you're feeling down and you put on some sad bastard music that helps you cry it out. This is a normal occurrence for a lot of people because sometimes life just makes you sad.

Other times you just want to have fun and you put on happy-go-lucky colorful pop tunes to brighten the little party in your head for a while.

Again, all fine and dandy, to each his own.

Chronic Trigger is the type of band that you put on to let a little bit of aggression out. I don't think that people know how to use music to let out aggression if they're not really into metal. This really makes me question how they get their aggression out and how do they find something to listen that's relatable in those times?

It's not always the words. It's the fire behind the music itself and the heaviness and brutality that it delivers that makes you feel good.

So, this is a record that you can sit down and just be flabbergasted by because even if you're not used to it, the kinds of stuff that this band goes into from song to song is just insane in terms of guitar riffs, time signatures, aggression, and this horror undertone that lives breeding within the veins of this band.

Now, for those who do love grindcore, metal, and all that good stuff, this band will still absolutely 100% below your fucking mind.

Yes, I cursed in review.

This record has surprises around plenty of corners, loads of layers that can be peeled back and exposed, and so many segments that make you want to repeat the song again just so you can catch it this time around because you know it's coming.

Even being used to this band having reviewed their lead single, did not prepare me for what this album entails and I was able to dive into it and just be immersed in this completely different world for the time period of the album.

This record is absolutely massive both sonically, and arrangement-wise.

This is another thing people don't really pay attention to in terms of metal music in general. To write songs like this and perform songs like this, it takes extreme musicianship and unreal attention to detail.

Even take just the drumming for example. If you listen to this record some of the drumming would make Dave Lombardo (Slayer) crap his pants.

This is one of those albums where I can't say enough about it but I also can't say much more because you just have to listen to it.

Personally, I would go from the top all the way down but if you want to hear some of my favorites I would jump right into "Cats On Cocaine" followed by "Albino Whino Right".

I told you these song titles were awesome.

As a matter of fact, the video for that track is going to be in this review so you can watch it and get an introductory feel for the band.

As I said earlier, there are a lot of amazing songs that would do well as singles but you have to start somewhere right?

So, with the release of this LP which honestly has exceeded my expectations, we wanted to have a sit down with the band to find out what made it happen.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: Let's begin with the You Can't Dance to This album because it has so much drudgery and deepening riffs with oozing soundscapes and crazy guitars! How did the album finally come to be? Was it a while in the making?

We pawned enough equipment to hire temps that would inspire us to be worse people, hence better musicians. Giving us the ability to write poorly composed, badly coordinated spastic music. Not really.

Buzz Slayers: You guys have such great energy on this record! Do you record anything live on the floor? Is it done at your own studio?

We do our best to ensure that everything is alive when it's recorded, but we did tape a dead raccoon once, "unintentionally". As a DIY band, we can't afford our own studio, so we invested in a short timeshare opportunity in a 7/11 bathroom. The rotating 3-minute windows of access gave us the sense of urgency necessary to maintain the high energy required for this album.

Buzz Slayers: How does a band like you guys write your songs? Do they start with riffs at rehearsal? How were these songs born?

Poorly. It's not that they start, it's just that they don't stop. Ever. Please, help make them stop. By a forcefully induced c-section.

Buzz Slayers: This record really has a concept album feel. Is it a concept record indeed?

Good eye, that's an astute observation. This is a concept record. The concept is money. Please send some. (Did it work?)

Buzz Slayers: One of my favorite aspects about Chronic Trigger is your music videos. They always have something different and outlandish to bring to the table! I loved the video for "Albino Whino! It had a post-apocalyptic sort of Mad Max vibe! Did you like how it came out? Was it an idea that came to be pretty close to how it was in your heads?

We still have sand in unmentionable places. Like a drug-addicted child, are you ever fully happy about how they turned out? Part of the original concept involved lots of explosives and littering. Certain responsible parties felt it was in our best interest to leave the good stuff out.

Buzz Slayers: This record is massive and leaks outside the box on occasion which is excellent! Do you guys perform the songs from this record live at all?

We perform all of them live, any chance we get, but if a tree falls in the woods...does it really have a pigeon...?

Buzz Slayers: What would you say is your favorite aspect of doing this?

It's the perfect disguise for crippling mental illness and free waters.

Buzz Slayers: Let's get everyone's favorite band. Your number one! I know it's hard but try!

We don't allow any of our members to listen to music. Listening is a form of indoctrination and control.

Buzz Slayers: If you were to tour with one band, who would you choose?

Daft Punk, because they only have two members, so they wouldn't take up too much room, and could help us learn French. Plus, they appear feeble and old, so if things got out of hand, we could take them (to a HomeTown Buffet for the early bird special).

Buzz Slayers: Do any of you have other passions besides music? Or does music take up most of your artistry in life?

Couponing, you'd be surprised by the discounts you can achieve with wise coupon application.

Buzz Slayers: Are you inspired by things like films or books in your music? It feels that way.

You can't fit a book in music? What're you talking about? Is this a trick question?

Buzz Slayers: Thank you guys so much for taking this time! We are stoked on this album! Is there anything else fans can expect next?

Thank you for enduring our stupidity, we're glad you enjoy what we do! Chronic Trigger is currently creating more music and focusing on touring. If you have any suggestions of who we should tour with, or what region, please send them our way!

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