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A Dreamy Pop Release From Sarah Su

A gorgeous new record from Sarah Su touches on a combination of pop undertones that range from a dreamy and flowing tonality to an electronic and synth-backed soundscape and plenty in between especially in terms of the production stepping a little bit outside the box just enough to push the envelope to places you don't expect giving certain tracks cinematic backbone and never without its emotional drive.

The album is called the soil and which my roots now grow, and this is one of those records that serve as a massive form of escapism so that you can step into their world for a moment in time and away from your own reality which I feel like music should do more of these days.

Another thing that's really important about this record is that it's meant to be heard as a full album almost like the songs are different chapters of their own life but they're so relatable at times that you feel like they were meant just for you.

There are definitely more than a few surprises around the corners and lots of layers to be peeled back throughout the course of this record and you get a wonderful, lush array of instrumentation both digital and natural that combine forces semi-often throughout the record to create an atmosphere that you can get washed away with.

And it does feel really good to get washed away with this record because if you lean back and close your eyes the songs are able to paint these sorts of vivid pictures in your head and at times can cause memories of your own to pop in which is a rarity and quite a beautiful thing if you ask me.

The record is packed with heart and the vocal deliveries are very passionate and very real because I think a lot of these songs come from real places which makes everything so authentic and genuine.

Is a record that pushes and pulls, sways and fades, and takes you along for all these different things so that you can feel not only satiated by the end but impacted by everything.

You come out of it feeling like you know Sarah better as if you just sat and talk to a friend for an hour.

Almost everything about this record was very articulated with attention to detail but throughout it all it never loses that heart or soul that it was born from in the first place.

So, you come out of it understanding and feeling which is really cool because I think records like this are supposed to make you think and feel and I also feel like we all need more music in general that does that to us.

Like reading a good book or watching a good film, when it's done you have to look around to snap yourself back into your own life again and this is a really essential aspect that's been missing for a lot of different kinds of music for quite some time if you ask me.

Sarah has their own particular way of wearing her heart on her sleeves and she does so with open arms so that you are invited into her situations and her emotions.

All of this means that she's creating music not only musically but lyrically with fewer boundaries.

The record is certainly not without its pop tones and there are songs that bring in such cool beats and ambient tones that let you feel like you're floating face up in a lake staring at the night sky.

I would definitely invite anyone and everyone to come get involved in this album as soon as you can.

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