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A Deep Groove From Cerise Moon

A single release from Cerise Moon brings out a colorful but edgy deep groove that consists of indie rock blended with a funk tonality and it's got driving and so for vocals that are able to wrap themselves around you and keep you right where they want to.

"Mystery" boasts a ton of energy to the point where you feel like the track was possibly recorded live on the floor because it feels like the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time.

Even if that's not exactly what happened, this track gives that feeling and makes you want to see this band live in your face because if the energy is like that on the record, then it must be intense live.

The guitar work across this record is really what makes it and gives it its color as you get that clean funk chord structure, but you also get these expansive and vast guitar tones that float around in the song's ether.

There are so many different elements going on here at certain points, especially during the last chorus where the vocals are bouncing around in the background along with the upfronts and you have all the different textures blending into each other at one time.

This track does an outstanding job of portraying a sense of youthfulness but with I'm a chore songwriting style and clearly built by seasoned musicians that have a real love for their craft.

That factor is clear because it's just oozing from every note played on this track.

There's also a little bit of a fantastical sense going on where you can kind of swim through the layers of this track at certain points and it feels good to do that.

My big challenge with this track is to try not to dance. I dare you. You'll definitely fail because this track definitely gets you moving with that deep Groove and it's just a soiree of vibrancy that becomes quickly addictive.

There's definitely some attention to detail going on during the creation of this song but it never loses that soul that it was built from in the first place, and this works so well for a party for example.

This is a great track to get people moving and hit the dance floor and start feeling good.

For me, this was one of the first tracks I put on in the morning and it really sets a great tone for the day because it's got such a grandiose and positive vibe to it.

This is one of the more fun tracks that I've heard in quite some time, and I think I really needed that.

Maybe we all need that and if we do then this is one of the tracks to start it off with.

Upon listening to the single I decided to take a little bit of a deep dive into their musical catalog on Spotify and in doing so I found some really good singles released along with a full length that all started in about 2018.

This doesn't mean that's when they started releasing music of course, it just means this was the first stuff released on Spotify.

The unique thing is that almost all of these releases bring a little bit of a different feel to the table showing other sides of the songwriting approach for the band.

This is one of those bands that it's really fun to follow the evolution of their soundscape.

However, starting with mystery is really the way to go although they do have another single called "Talk About" that you should follow up with immediately.

Definitely check these guys out when you get a chance because it's more than worth your time.

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