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A Colorful New Single From Lennee

A new single from Lennee brings out a fresh and honest contemporary pop-rock soundscape that comes along with loads of character and an overlaying Sheen of honesty that really lets you become more attached to the song the longer it plays on.

"Thinking Of You" has a warming element to it and I think that does come from the honesty of the song. The way that this track paints a certain kind of vivid picture in your head is wonderfully done and you get such a vivacious and danceable bop that comes along with the entire song that everything gives this song drive.

This is clearly a track built by a songwriter and artist that has a love for his craft as there's tons of attention to detail throughout the track but it never loses the heart and soul it was born from in the first place which may be the most important aspect of the whole thing.

There's also this almost essence of a live performance embedded in the soul of this track because it feels like all the instrumentation is feeding off of each other and in such a way that it makes you want to go see this performed live in front of your face.

This track has a particular way of giving off a sense of nostalgia and youthfulness but it's done in combination with a mature sense of songwriting which is a really wonderful duo.

This whole track is very well balanced dynamically and brings together such a welcoming and genuine sense of songwriting approach that it can actually cause memories of your own to pop in up in your head when you least expect it.

I think we all need songs that can pull that off because I for one have missed it for quite some time.

Songs that make us think and feel are very important and it's the relatability that captures certain moments well for the listener.

This is one of those songs that you can almost see as a chapter in your own life and I think that speaks volumes for the songwriting and approach in general.

This track has little hints of edginess that are just beneath the surface but all in all, this is a very pop-oriented and driven single that is incredibly danceable but also has you paying close attention to those lyrics as well.

Upon checking this song out I definitely got a bit hooked and wanted to dig into some of the artist's back catalog and when I did I found a few other singles that really hit in a different way and shows other sides of the artist's songwriting style.

You have to appreciate an artist that has some diversity the way that Lennee does and how the songs come across as colorful but also with a bit of class which is a wonderful and refreshing approach.

I would definitely start with "Thinking of You" and check out some of the other singles in his catalog after that, you definitely won't be disappointed especially if you like the first one.

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