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A Classic Rock Banger From Robbie Rapids

One of the latest single releases from Robbie Rapids brings out a classic rock-influenced banger that comes with loads of character and enough hooks to have the song bouncing around your head for hours after it's ended.

"Easy Money" comes off as an absolute classic right from the get-go and manages to infuse all kinds of rock undertones including punk which gives it this refreshing edginess along with its color.

The guitar tones on this track are pretty much perfect especially because it's got this classic rock aesthetic flowing through its veins and you're able to jump around the living room, sing along, or just do some air guitar while banging your head.

Speaking of which, there's a great lead solo in this track that is so tastefully done and well-balanced that it really is a perfect addition to the track and turns out just what I needed at the right moment.

This track is the latest in a string of single releases from Robbie Rapids beginning in 2022 and each one has a little bit of a different vibe and shows different sides to the Artistry and the approach that he has to songwriting especially.

You get a cross of all kinds of classic influences throughout listening to his material and he definitely has that almost live performance feels on some of these songs because the players feel like they're feeding off of each other's energy's half the time.

One thing that you pick up on when listening to his catalog is that everything is done with such a persona that it leaves a mark and I think that's something that we've missed in music for a long time.

Artists like Tom Petty for example had that mark so that when you listen to the song you knew who it was right away.

This also gives you the idea that if you like one song you probably like a lot more of them which is 100% true when it comes to this artist.

It feels like he puts his all into these sorts of radio-friendly rock bangers that range through different categories or even decades at times of the genre.

Throughout it all you know that there's heart and that he has an absolute love for what he's doing and it's probably when he's at his purest.

Writing songs isn't always easy, but artists like Robbie show that when you're in the right mind frame or in the zone, you can really deliver something that's incredibly memorable and can sometimes feel like you've been listening to it on the radio for decades.

That kind of stuff isn't always easy to pull off, but Robbie does this as if it's second nature and perhaps it is.

Either way, I would start with "Easy Money" and if you dig that one which I'm sure you will, just go back through his catalog and turn it up.

Just remember who told you first.

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