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A Classic Album Release From T.S. Tadin

The latest full album release from T.S. Tadin gives off a heavily classic rock-influenced soundscape packed with character and a spontaneous array of eclectic songwriting that somehow still feels confluent and the whole thing gives you a great feel for the artist's actual persona.

The Pretty Boring album feels like reading a book and each song is a chapter so in that sense it's almost like a concept album, but the thing is its honesty makes it so personal that you're automatically drawn in lyrically as much as you are musically.

You get some really vast twangy guitar-riddled soundscapes but also piano-driven pop-rock bangers that all have this natural undertone to them and in this sense, you're able to really get engulfed by the record quickly and easily.

This is clearly coming from someone who has an absolute love for his craft and the creation and recording of these songs is where he's in his zone. His sweet spot where he can create freely.

I think that's a big aspect of the feel of this album.

These songs aren't built or constructed, arranged or composed in any other way than the way he wanted them to be so you can feel that freeing tonality in the songs even though they're still Bobby, catchy, and danceable.

This is an example of an artist who's creating music with fewer boundaries in mind than his predecessors and I think that's really genuine and gives this whole record a certain aesthetic.

You also have this great level of escapism going on here which lets you step into this whole almost theatrical world for a little bit before snapping back into your own reality.

This is something that I've been missing for a while and music with any genre really.

There are tracks that feature harder or heavier tones if you will but still stick to that classic rock authenticity that is scattered throughout the color of this release.

I love that combination of vintage and new school sounds done with that sort of character that's applied so that you feel like you know this person better after listening to the record.

The tonality of the instruments is really key with this release as well and a lot of thought went into those kinds of attributes but no matter how much attention was paid to the details, this record never loses the heart it was born from in the first place.

Between the bopping piano songs, the classic rock riffs, and the drifting open surfy guitars that float around the ether of certain songs, by the time you get halfway through this record you come to expect the unexpected.

Although you may not know what's coming next exactly, you know it's going to be good and that's part of what makes this so addictive.

Although there are more than a handful of songs that stand on their own two feet as singles, this is the sort of release that's meant to be soaked in as a full album so if you got the chance I would definitely suggest doing so with headphones.

You'll have a great time swimming through this record without a doubt.

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