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A Beautiful New Single From Devon Love

A new single release from Devon Love delivers a passionate and warming soundscape that comes along with this honesty that you're able to soak in along with so much heart that you can't look away.

All of these aspects are performed with soul, and I think that's one of the things that creates the allure and these almost vivid textures that float through the songs ether and let you ride along with them.

"Lost In Time" certainly has a cinematic backbone to it and the instrumentation of the track creates an ambience that lets you just swim through everything and that feels really good to do.

There's also something about this track that feels like an escape. It's like you're stepping into the world of Devon Love for a little while and in doing so stepping out of your own reality and I think this is something that I've missed in music for a long time.

This is certainly a track that is derived from an emotional drive and that is very evident along with the fact that Devon has an absolute love for the craft of the songwriting as all the intricacies and details are paid attention to; however, it never loses that soul it began with.

So much of this track is performed with a grace and a tastefulness that comes through elegant, and you can't help but get engulfed in the atmosphere that's built with this track and I think that's a lovely thing simply because you don't get it all the time.

This single came through warm and welcoming, and it makes you think which is another aspect in music that a lot of the time you don't quite get anymore.

Songs used to make you think all the time and lately, they seem a little bit emptier so it's very refreshing to have this single come along and make you think and feel again.

The arrangement of the song is also very well thrown out because it has a way of building as it plays on and growing in intensity.

Upon listening to this track, I decided to delve a little deeper into the catalog of Devon Love and was absolutely pleasantly surprised as the artist has released singles since 2020 on Spotify and each one has a way of showing different sides of that character and that songwriter.

If you like this song, you're definitely bound to like the rest of them, and I think that this is an artist to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

A beautiful release from an artist that displays both youthfulness and maturity in songwriting.

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