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Welcome to the World of Chloe Clemente

If you're not yet familiar with the musical stylings of Chloe Clemente, then let us be among the first to introduce you seeing that she just released a single dubbed "Love Letters to the Dead".

This song has a brilliant tone to it where you can hear this raw bass and guitar that just exude a great energy.

The single has such a detailed set of lyrics that tell a story vivid enough for you to picture the whole thing in your head as it's happening and just when you have a good grip on that first verse, she hits you with this chorus that has a certain power behind it.

It's amazing how Chloe can bring together such a heavy sound with such a pop feel simultaneously and that in itself lets the song hit you with these incendiary parts that bring together all these different elements of the song and her vocals are the glue that keeps everything going in a certain direction.

The way that she sings on this track is super energetic and you can tell she's giving it her all and probably having a great time doing so.

This was a very well thought out song lyrically, especially but also in the conceptualization of how everything unravels musically as well.

There's also this strange gracefulness about the single that you pick up on pretty quickly and it gives this alt-rock track some class in its own way.

Giving this song a 9 out of 10 is still somewhat of an understatement but that's what I'm doing.

Dig into this as soon as you can and welcome to the world of Chloe Clemente.

Remember where you heard it first.

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