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The Whiskey Bats Come In Swinging With The Flesh Eaters Album

The Whiskey Bats just dropped a blitzkrieg of an album on us, and it comes in the form of face melting punk rock that thrashes out but also brings smart and punch packing songwriting styles to go along with the aggression and heavy-handed breakdowns that make this record so goddamn fun.

The Flesh Eaters album isn't just punk rock, its metal, it's alt-rock, and it's much more as it tends to bring all kinds of elements to their core punk sound including guitar effects, experimental undertones, and tons more.

The record is full of tasty and edgy but catchy and still colorful pop punk, and it breeds a sound we know and miss when it comes to blending these genres together to make something that bears impact and still has humor and seriousness, crew vocals, that classic bass tone, destructive drumming, and vocals that are packed with attitude and character through and through.

The whole thing should really be listened to as a whole because then you can get a full feel for how the band does their thing and also for how much they obviously love their craft.

So, there are little bits of elements from bands like The Bronx, Misfits, Rancid, Local H, and so much more that peek through from time to time but the cool thing is that they have their own style that really takes control and gives them a sound that grabs at you. The album slaps you in the face mid conversation and you forgot what you were talking about because a killer breakdown just happened, or you find yourself trying to listen to all the words to a song.

It has a powerfulness to it and it's that presence and that character that really gets you pulled in.

The Whiskey Bats is for anyone that has a love for punk rock, thrash with grungy undertones that hits hard as hell and has touches of haunt and horror lurking under the skin.

This album was awesome from start to finish. It gets your blood pumping and keeps it up without fail.

Punk fans crank this one. You won't soon regret it.

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