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The Vast And Massive Alt-Rock Of Boar God

A new double single release from Boar God takes us to a vast form of psychedelic desert rock that knows when to turn up the distortion and start sonically blasting off into space rock righteousness with bursting colors and explosions in the night sky.

The first single is called "Birthplace" and it's a beautifully distorted opus of 90's underground alternative rock that is aesthetically perfect and touches on that nostalgic feeling while delving into this live performance feel as well.

The players feed of each other's energies and it's incredible. You can tell a live show would be face melting in all the best ways possible.

The song sends you swimming into this bright neon blue trimmed skyline, and it's almost post-apocalyptic in its own way.

The next rack is called "Inside", and it takes on more of a shadowy and dark form that creeps in slowly with a slight haunt lurking beneath the surface.

The song has a drenching chorus effect on the guitars, and it lets the band paint with sounds that drip down the canvas and onto the floor and it's gorgeous.

It's not hard to hear these guys love their craft and the songs have a progressive and edgy feel but it's the way they build the songs, and the way boundaries are nowhere in sight. They coat melodies and hooks in textures, and you can hear everything perfectly.

Deepened bass tones and driving drums, melodic vocals that show character and spirit. This record of just two sings is lover 12 minutes of sonic bliss and should be enjoyed by anyone with a soft spot for authentic alternative rock, grunge, and edgy styles.

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