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The Prime Releases "Listen"

The inaugural track from The Prime's album "Listen," appropriately titled "Hello," left me pleasantly amused. Its warm embrace served as a fitting initiation into the heart of the album that awaited. Fortunately, bidding farewell after the opening track wasn't on the agenda. 

The well-crafted and expertly mixed "Hello" delivered a powerful rock anthem. The band channels a soaring rock sound reminiscent of U2, yet with an underground vibe and a distinct 90s alternative flavor. The drumming on "Hello" stood out as a highlight for me. The metronomically tight beat and the strategic use of tom drums in the verses provided a sturdy foundation for the track. The vocals, reminiscent of a mountaintop declaration to the gods, exclaim, "set me free." 

The U2 influence becomes most apparent at the onset of "So Perfect," evolving into diverse structural directions. The impeccable drumming and the engaging interplay with the bass stood out once again. 

While "When We Die" boasts a great hook, "Nova" takes it to another level. The vocalist showcases an impressive range, delivering near-perfect vocals that ascend and culminate in the ironic repetition of the words "falling" during the chorus. 

Among other standout tracks, "Listen" felt like a potential single, drawing me in with its hook and a touch of grunge flavor. The bass sound here is particularly on point. Not to belabor the point, but the drummer truly shines on "Bring It Back," possibly offering the band's best performance. 

The album concludes with "Legend," undoubtedly one of its stellar tracks, emanating a colossal sound from every angle. The Prime, a straightforward rock outfit, prove their mettle as adept songwriters. If this isn't their prime, it undoubtedly comes close. The album rocks with a fervor that is both undeniable and commendable.

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