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The Musical World of Rachel Lincoln

Hailing originally from Australia and now making waves in the States, Rachel Lincoln has steadily been carving out a space for herself in the music scene over the past few years. With her latest offerings, Lincoln presents a collection of pop-infused tracks with a contemporary country twist, showcasing her versatile talents and undeniable charm. 

I started with "After All," a tender ballad that immediately draws listeners in with its warmth and familiarity. While the song may tread familiar territory, Lincoln's vocal range and emotive delivery elevate it to new heights, culminating in a triumphant crescendo that resonates with timeless sentiment. It's a solid offering that serves as a standout among the collection. 

Moving on to "Nashville Night," Lincoln shifts gears with a lively party anthem that embraces a little more of an edge. From its infectious hooks to its polished production, this track is a testament to Lincoln's ability to craft songs that are both radio-friendly and irresistibly catchy. 

Closing out the trio is "Waiting," a sunny single with a catchy hook that showcases Lincoln's knack for crafting earworm melodies. There's no denying its fun energy and sing-along worthy hook. 

Although I can't say Lincoln is reinventing the wheel, the songs are solid and accessible. Perhaps a little more experimentation and deviating from standard pop music tropes could make a truly singular and signature sound for Lincoln. There are very few artists (about five I can think of) in my opinion who sound singular these days but Lincoln has the foundation to be in a lane all her own. I was very impressed and can't wait to hear more of her music.

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