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The Massive And Energetic Rock Of Fox

In a bright new pop rock release, the artist known as Fox has just dropped something that blends a keen alternative rock tonality with something that's reminiscent of a post-punk approach and combine together with these big brooding almost punk rock vocals, this record gives off the feel of something that separates itself from the pack.

The Elements album both some seriously catchy guitar lines and even the tone of those guitars' hits that almost nostalgic alt pop warmth.

The record has colors and vibrancy that enable it to become alive and breathing and because it's got so much energy behind it it becomes quickly infectious.

You really begin to love the sound of how these songs are laid out and how the different textures blend together to create this soundscape that reaches into different parts of your past or nostalgic musical loves.

This is part of the coolness of this record. Initially it's this semi-genius blending of styles and subgenres that are all done with this great sort of massive passion.

The vocals are absolutely huge and take Center Stage right from the get-go however those guitar lines and hooks are something that you just can't get past. These are the things that real you in and keep you there.

Of course, with all its hooks, it's got a sort of heavier Edge lurking just beneath the surface. And it's great. That edginess really works with how the songs flow and how they connect to each other at times as well.

Fox is a project more than it is a band in reality. As far as we found out, this project is helmed by one man who pretty much writes, produces, and records everything.

So, within that realm you can hear how the songs are built around one idea and how they may have grown out into what they end up becoming.

This album as a whole is actually pretty vast and big. When it's over you feel like you had just attended a concert and you're walking out the doors with the feeling of that rush still flowing through your body.

I think this is because the energy on the record is so in your face that you soak it in whether you realize it or not. And then when the album has ended you sort of have to shake it off. Take a step back, look around and gain your footing again.

I think album should have that effect on people honestly.

And while not many of them actually do, Elements

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