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The Latest from Billy Hubbard

Billy Hubbard is a Tennessee-based Americana singer/songwriter. He comes from a family of musicians. His mother’s band the Tennessee Pardners toured the southland in the ‘40s and ‘50s with many great like-minded artists back in their day. With music in his blood, you can tell right away when you press play on Hubbard’s debut self-titled album Billy Hubbard that he has what it takes to stand out. His bluesy timbre oftentimes brimming with a country-bent and Americana twist takes us on a journey to easier times when technology and social media did not exist. His music will make one nostalgic for another time and place, but it’s his immediate sound that will have you rooted in the present. Billy Hubbard opens up with “Castin’ Away My Blues,” which starts off with some warm instrumentals. Once Hubbard’s vocals came in, it gave a very nice Americana/country vibe. I liked the jaunty rhythms to this track which gave off a nice bluesy flavor. The mellow and smooth tones of this track really spoke to me. Hubbard sings with a lamenting cadence on “Civil War Letters.” Some banjo comes through in the sounds. The vibe was slow burning and there’s definitely a sense of melancholy on this track. It makes for a somber approach. Some strumming on the acoustic guitar arrives with Hubbard’s gnarly vocals that offers a gritty vibe on “Lonesome When I’m With You (ft. Bethany Jean Smith).” Here, his vocals are joined by Smith’s compelling singing. Their vocals duel it out in a dynamic fashion. I thought there was a touch of spaghetti western to the vibes which recalled in my mind a Tarantino film. “Got To Be Real” starts off with some jaunty bluesy rhythms. The sound here was an electric shock to the system. I was reminded of Elvis. I thought this was a catchy and upbeat song filled with a great cathartic release. The sounds were electrifying and the harmonica was a great addition. Some organs and shimmering instrumentals arrive at the start of “For The Moment.” Hubbard’s sandpapery vocals come through with a vibe brimming with warmth. I loved how sentimental and nostalgic this track made me feel. Some jangly guitars come in on “Mighty Low (ft. Bethany Jean Smith).” Once Smith’s infectious vocals enter, the music really started to come together to great effect. Hubbard’s vocals are intertwined in the sounds and it offers a good contrast to Smith’s singing. On “Take Me Back,” some bluesy guitars come into the vibes here. Hubbard’s vocals have tons of atmosphere and adds to the ambience of this song. I was immediately getting some blues in the mixture as well as some Americana. I thought this was a pensive and moody track that is brimming with attitude. On “When I Look Into Your Eyes,” some slow-grooving guitars come through alongside some steel lap guitar. Hubbard’s vocals slowly ease in with a country-bent sensibility. This song takes its time to slowly develop which I thought was great. Percussion and other instrumentals give off a very sparse vibe on “Goodbye Waltz.” I liked the fact that this was a rather stripped back track in the waltz vein. There was an old-timey vibe to this track. I also thought the mandolin was a great addition here. There were tons of sentimental and nostalgic vibes as Hubbard sings his last goodbye to his late mother. Hubbard’s timeless music will really take you there. His warm timbre and the musicians supporting him will allow you to escape with its roundabout country sound and bluesy melodies. If you’re looking for some country music rooted in warm vibes and easy-going riffs, then this is for you. It looks like Hubbard and his band is only getting started and I look forward to seeing more music from them soon!

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