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The Edgy And Cinematic Synthwave Style Of Pink Light

A new album from Pink Light brings out a cross between an eerie and haunting undertoned synth-pop and a dream like state of music that all feels cinematic and has a way of crawling under your skin and reaching into the parts of your brain that feel existential all while providing wild synth grooves and a delivery that feels unique and even a little creepy at times.

The album is titled Your Gravity Belongs to Me Now and it's packed to the brim with massive and vast synthwave anthems that open up and let you fall right into them.

The record has an array of delightful and crisp synths, warm pads, and experimental surprises along with some vintage and aesthetically perfected fun that all delivers quite a danceable vibe.

Now, there are aspects of this that feel like a dark shadow lurking. The record does have this sci-fi creepiness that you just can't shake and it's part of what makes it so cinematic to begin with but damn it is certainly cool.

You find yourself wanting more and more of the sound these guys put our and it's all really inventive and done with this attention to detail that never causes the songs to fall off from where they began.

This is the type of record you hear and just know the artist had such a love for the craft its incredible. Recording these songs must have been super fun and also likely took quite some time to accomplish the feel Pink Light is going for on this one.

It's got life and songs well and breathe.

The album also gives off such a wonderfully woven songwriting approach and the whole thing actually feels like chapters in a film or a book.

Vocals hit that classic darkwave style but also touch on dream-pop and more.

This is one for the books. To be listened to with headphones for sure.

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