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The Brutal And Blistering Metal of Perdisian

A brutal new release from Perdisian brings forth the grueling metal we crave with pulse pounding drums, destructive riffs that break into half time trugery and face melting screams above the deep growls and everything just comes through with a ripping explosion of sonic deepening metal.

The In the Cradle of Damnation is like a sucker punch to the gut without any warning and it it's beyond pit worthy with massive riffs and speed metal sections that churn out into Slayer or Fear Factory style sections.

The EP is 3 songs and each one has a new feel and blistering approach that really breaks down barriers between death and black metal, with trash and heavy metal styles and it all feels like a car crash. And we mean that in the best way possible.

These guys are precise and pay plenty of attention to detail and what many people don't really understand is that bands like this have a real love for their craft.

There is so much that goes into a release like this and he musicianship across the board is outstanding.

You have to be all in to pull off music like this and it feels great to listen to. it's like you can feel the hairs on your arms stand up when those time changes come in and thing erupt into these crazy signatures that make you just stand back and go..."wait, what?!"

You point at the speakers when all the sickest parts come in and things like that happen around 15 times per song.

This EP will shake you up. You'll need to snap yourself out of it when it's over. That's how good it is.

For true metal lovers, enjoy In the Cradle of Damnation.

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