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The Arena Rock Of L.A. Mood

L.A. Mood just delivered a full length album that manages to tie in several rock fields but boasts a heavily classic rock approach that touches on psychedelic styles and undertones, and puts out a righteous energy that becomes very addictive very quickly.

This album is pretty massive and covers a lot of ground with layers to soak in and songs to rock out to but it does have a way of almost feeling like a concept record at times.

A very cool aspect from a very cool band giving us something to chew on and all the while that energy and presence delivered on the record itself feels almost like a live performance.

The songs are so full-bodied and huge that when you are finished with the album you feel like you just walked out of a concert.

And I love this. I feel like there should be more albums that you soak in this way and that stick with you in such a manner.

It's very unique and it's a little bit powerful but it feels great.

These guys are real deal, genuine and authentic arena rock outfit that hits us with classic bangers throughout an album with more than a handful of gems in it.

The album is called A Print Out Of The Sun and it's brimming with killer guitar work, memorable hooks both musically and vocally, a bright and vibrant performance, and the whole thing just feels massive.

In a way I've missed rock albums like this one. The kind of albums where such cool things happen that you point at the speakers while you're looking at your friend who's listening along with you in the car.

It's got a way of making you feel young and alive again.

And this is what good rock records should do for you. They make you feel something.

The other cool thing about this album is that it does boast other subgenres of rock so to speak. For example, you get some grungy toned songs, you get some garage rock feeling tracks, you even get a little bit of that 90s alternative rock and between everything it begins to feel slightly nostalgic.

Almost like some of these songs were part of the soundtrack from chapters in your own life.

This is an outstanding album from an impactful rock band.

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