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The Alt-Rock Sounds Of Johnnyrook

A new album release from Johnnyrook touches on some classic alternative rock sounds that are strung around a hard-hitting approach and a tonality that has the ability to grab at you and not let go from the first song to the last.

The More Things Change album is built with a fierce attitude that gives the songs of fiery and attitude riddled brand of rock that hits like a sucker punch to the gut.

The album is like an homage to the style of alternative rock that hints at underground screamo and utilizes riffs that are incredibly catchy but still a bit outside the box at times.

This gives the band a sort of unique feel and it works like a charm because the songs definitely jump out at you and there are more than enough hooks throughout the record to keep you pointing at the speakers going " did you hear that?"

I think it's been a little bit since an album like that has made me do that. Just in general. I love hearing a song that has so many cool Parts in it that you want to start it over as soon as it ended.

This record has more than a few gems on it and those tracks are the ones that you feel like you're close with for some reason.

I think it's because their sound can get close to that late 90s early 2000s soundscape. The kind of songs that you hear on the radio but only a few times. Then you'd go searching to try and find who that was. You'd called the radio station and ask what that song was when it was over.

You try and find it on LimeWire or Napster. The good old days.

That's one of the cool things about how these guys do their thing. They are that band. Of course, and nowadays, you don't have to call radio stations or scour the internet trying to find who that band was that you heard.

We have good old Google for that now. But that's okay these guys still boast that tone and that feel.

The songs on this album can be blistering and catchy at the same time and that's the combination that I think we miss the most.

Johnnyrook has there sound nailed down tight, and it comes through in the form of a heavily memorable alternative rock opus.

I know that may be saying a lot, but if you don't believe me then definitely do yourself a favor and listen to this record.

I'm sure you'll find more than enough time to jam on this while you're at work, or in the car on the drive somewhere. Don't make excuses, rock this one trust me it's worth your time.

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