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The Alluring Dream Rock Of Talking To Shadows

A fresh release from Talking To Shadows brings a gorgeous alternative rock and grunge feel and takes it into dreamy and drifting soundscapes that create a cinematic and powerful feel as guitars explode into massive sonic waves and come crashing down in a gracefully heavy way.

"Give Me Some of You" is a beautifully woven and performed single that has this emotional backbone it was built from, and the song does a great job of portraying this aggressive undertone that lurks just beneath the songs sullen surface.

This single boasts the aesthetic of underground but insanely good late 90's alt rock with feedback riddled distortion combined with slamming drums and beautiful melodic vocals that all come together to build this atmosphere you can't help but get swept away with.

The way the song flows softly through the verses and then hits hard for the choruses and yet still with all the huge and heavy-handed guitars there is still that softer vocal coming through and giving the song this sheen.

It's like Mazzy Star and Hum had a baby and Talking To Shadows is it. It's a girl by the way. But one that holds nothing back.

The band has this amazingly sort of loose but driven sound that gets you. You don't really expect what's coming the first time around and from there you can't wait for it.

The song has a vast sound, and they all just bring everything to the recording. It has heart and feeling as well as a certain energy that you can't quite put your finger on, but you like it a lot.

This is for the lovers of alternative rock, grunge, and powerful rock songs from the 90's for sure.

This song feels alive and breathing and it has a way of engulfing you in all the best ways.

Dive into this one when you can.

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