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The 3148s "Fire at the Meetinghouse"

Previously, I've had the pleasure of listening to The 3148s' roots rock-tinged music with their string of three solid singles, "Saratoga Ave," "Guillotine," and "Picture of You," with "Guillotine" being the strongest of the set. Now, they're back with another song called "Fire at the Meetinghouse." Blending grunge, punk, and blues into their trademark "Rust Belt sound," the Michigan-based band laconically describes this latest offering as "good stuff." I have a good feeling that they're right about that! The most important takeaway from this new single is that it stomps just as hard as "Guillotine."

The drum groove is expertly produced, pounding with an irresistible energy that hooks you from the start. The electric guitars and bass are sharper than ever, their riffs slicing through the air with a raw intensity. The vocals, versatile and dynamic, take on all sorts of flavors, including moments of spoken word that add an intriguing layer to the song.

Overall, "Fire at the Meetinghouse" is another solid slice of high-octane roots rock from The 3148s. Their ability to capture the essence of their Rust Belt origins while infusing it with a contemporary edge is commendable. The song showcases their growth as a band and their unwavering dedication to their craft. If you're a fan of gritty, energetic rock music that pays homage to its roots while pushing boundaries, then you need to check out The 3148s' latest release. "Fire at the Meetinghouse" is an electrifying anthem that demands to be played at maximum volume. With their distinctive sound and unwavering passion, The 3148s continue to solidify their place in the rock music scene.

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