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Sqaure Tugs Pulls Off The Best Punk Rock Album You've Heard In years

A new album release from Square Tugs will absolutely kick you in the stomach like a swift but worthy blitzkrieg of hard-hitting punk and rock that will have you dancing around the living as quickly as it'll have you playing air guitar and head banging. Will you run to show your friends? Maybe. Are you a fan of classic punk rock bands? if the answer is yes than you will absolutely go show your friends because these guys have the aesthetic.

Square Tugs has nailed the sound down and they do with so much love for the craft you end up falling right in love with these guys after half the album is played through.

The Monster Hits album is a set of outstanding punk and rock songs that can melt your face or have you pointing at the speaker going "dude, did you hear that shit?"

They cover all the ground and all the subgenres of real deal punk rock, and it's graceful. Yes, I said it.

Punk rock doesn't get much better than it does with Square Tugs just destroying.

The Monster Hits album from Square Tugs is a love letter to punk rock.

I feel like not only classic punkers would love this but also artist like Frank Black (The Pixies) would be all over this record.

This album is a soiree of beautifully performed, meaningful punk rock and its 100% charming.

Hats off to Square Tugs for pulling this off like you won't believe until you hear it.

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