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Rob Carey - Ionian Blue LA Skies

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of East Anglia, UK, emerges the musical maestro, Rob Carey, who weaves ethereal melodies in the electronic pop realm under the enigmatic moniker, Art of the Sound Temple.

A harmonious blend of creativity and compassion, Carey unveils his latest sonic gems, "Ionian Blue" and "LA Skies," sparkling like stars in the vast musical cosmos. But beneath the spotlight and musical endeavors, lies a profound essence of altruism that has defined Carey's life for over two decades.

Embracing the calling of compassion, he has been the guiding light as a nurse and counselor, dedicated to uplifting souls of all ages burdened by the shadows of mental health difficulties. Together, this multifaceted artist stands tall, with artistry that resonates and heals, and a heart that nurtures and uplifts, shining brightly as a beacon of hope and solace for those in need. From the serene landscapes of East Anglia to the boundless realms of electronic pop, Rob Carey's journey of sound and soul embodies a profound harmony that unites the human spirit.

I was first introduced to his sounds with his most recent release “Ionian Blue.” The song starts with a cascade of angelic voices but quickly transitions to a full arrangement. There’s synths, orchestral elements and an all together original palette of sounds. I was picking up on some ’80s flavor with this song. The song ascends and descends as it progresses. I felt like it was very dynamic and constantly kept my attention. What a cool song.

“LA Skies'' starts with some earthy organ and lyrics about David Bowie which I thought were well done. This song has a more organic and rock oriented quality. It's a tender island inviting. I loved the vocals on here. The reverb works perfectly creating and otherworldly and vast sounding vocals.

These are just two of the many songs Carey has. There are plenty more to discover. I for one became a fan and think you might too if you spend some time with this artist.

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