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Pescatarian At Best Hits The Nail On The Head

A new release from Pescetarian At Best brings back a loose fitted super fun almost 90s underground alternative rock feel Complete with tar tones that are rough enough to rock but colorful enough to bop vocals that bounce along perfectly and a band that together, puts forth one hell of a character.

"Soap and Butter" Is endlessly fun and really does touch on that nostalgic sort of Riot Rock feel. Those vocals are a little rambunctious but that's the way it's supposed to be sound supposed to be something that you can get off your ass and jump around the room with.

And this track does make you want to do that. But again, you do get that classic feel as well so that old school 90s Radio Rock makes it feel good. Plus, these guys bring the energy. Not only that but the track itself feels like the players are feeding off of each other's energies which is also amazing.

That's the kind of thing that makes you want to see them live just to see if they have that same level of presence in a live setting and performance. Which I'm sure they do based off the track itself. I mean, it's not really an easy thing to capture an energy like that on a recording.

This single is a really good showcasing of the band's ability to grab you spin you around and not really let go.

You haven't heard a real deal late 90s style alt rock song that nails that sound this well in a very long time. And I'm not even sure that's something they're aware of. I think it just comes to them naturally and this is the sound that gets turned out when they hit that Groove. When they feel that riff working, and they get that gusto and that feeling.

And I missed this kind of stuff honestly. You don't really get bands with that kind of sound anymore and I think a lot of us miss that. So, I'm definitely really happy that these guys just bring on that feel and do it loud.

There's too many out there that kind of half ass it and these guys are not one of them.

Pescetarian At Best definitely has that genuine sound that lets rock breathe and live and thrive. And they have a blast doing it and that's perfectly clear with every second of this song.

This single release definitely put a smile on my face, and it probably will for you to.

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