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Pearl Poet Single Premier "Tartaria" (Diamond Remix)

A brand-new single release from Pearl Poet just dropped and it brings with it a beautifully vast and spacious Sonic brightness that feels good to listen to as it takes components of pop, house, electronica, and dance and rolls them into a wonderfully textured soundscape.

"Tartaria (Diamond Remix)" features such a great combination of color and edginess as it bears an excellent drive and a deep groove that will have your ass shaking in your seat within seconds flat.

There's a lot about this track that feels alive but also like you're listening to something that blends old and new school approaches together so that you get something that feels almost nostalgic in a way but at the same time, it also has that futuristic style as well.

This is a brilliant combination if you ask me because the textures that are involved with the song have a way of mending into each other and bouncing off of each other simultaneously and the use of synthesizers, Keys, beats, and vocals all give it a particular energy that you become quickly addicted to.

This song is incredibly danceable and has such a wonderful almost fantastical undertone to it that lets you almost Escape into it for a little while which is amazing because songs that let you step out of your reality and into another's are something you don't come across that often so when you do get a track like this you really soak it in.

When it's over you have to sort of shake it off and come back to your own reality again which is one of my favorite parts because it's almost like you just read a chapter of a really good book and my take yourself out of the page and look around the room again.

I love songs that let you escape, and the song has such a unique atmosphere and aesthetic to it that as soon as it's over you actually want to play it again.

The song features Eva Kathryn and it's pretty obvious to me that the collaboration worked on such a natural level that what you get in the end is something that breathes and feels alive.

This was fun, it had some pleasant surprises around some of the corners, and gave this feeling of driving down the highway on a hot summer day because the sun is setting up.

I think that may be where some of the nostalgia kicks out because you do have that warming feeling like this is one of those songs you grew up with that became a major part of a chapter of your own life.

You have to absolutely love stuff like this because you can really feed off that energy.

This track is unique but familiar, refreshing and crisp but welcoming all at the same time.

Definitely take a deep dive into this track when you get a chance because you certainly won't regret it anytime soon and when you do, turn it up.

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