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Night Protocol Drops a Synth-Pop Opus Of An Album

A new release just dropped from the Night Protocol and it certainly has a way of bringing that vintage synth pop drive and insanely colorful performance that all brings just that right amount of edginess to a somewhat nostalgic approach 2 a form of pop music that we all miss parts of.

So, here's the thing with creating a classic or vintage synth pop sound. Really, it's hit or miss. There is almost no in-between and for that reason it's got to be done right to really get that feel across properly, and that's not really easily done to be honest.

Enter Night Protocol who seems to be able to pull a damn near perfect classic synth pop soundscape off not only with a danceable wit, but a memorable set of textures that come together and bring the songs to life.

The new album dubbed Static, is an absolute soiree of swelling and edgy synths upswing beats and impactful vocals that together create the right atmosphere to let you get engulfed by the songs and the sounds.

Now, another important thing to remember is that there are a few artists out there that are able to pull this synth pop sound off on record. It's another thing completely to pull it off on record and as a live band as well period now that's some impressive stuff. Imagine not only putting together songs that fit the aesthetic perfectly but also having to perform that live in front of people and have it feel the same. Now that's got to be tough.

Well, maybe not for Night Protocol seeing the record itself has and energy that almost gives off a live performance approach at times. It feels alive and breathing. The songs have character and attitude. Not to mention some crazy memorable hooks not just musically but vocally as well.

Either way, message received as the album pulls off the synth pop sound with a tastefulness and charm that sticks with you for days.

Static is absolutely engaging and endlessly fun to boot.

This is definitely for fans of genuine synth pop bangers. If that means you, trust us, you won't be bored.

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