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Mylo Bybee Returns With A Fresh Single

It's time we welcome you to the world of Mylo Bybee and their particular and energetic brand of gusto-riddled alternative pop rock that has a way of making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The band got together and started creating music somewhere around the beginning of the pandemic we all know so well. After releasing their first EP dubbed Mylo Bybee, the band ended up signing with a label out of London shortly where after that EP was remastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

They have also released a few other works but have now begun working on their first full-length album which is supposed to come out later this year and the first track from such album gives us a great idea of what we can hope to come from the rest of it.

The single is called "Master & Machine" which I believe to also be the title of the full length but can't be positive on that one.

This track really shows the band's outstanding level of musicianship and precise resourcefulness when it comes to taking a sound that we know and love and making it their own by creating a signature style for themselves.

This single has little bits and pieces of vintage alt-rock sounds and really showcases the band's ability to get you jumping around and singing along but all with a certain edge to it.

"Master & Machine is a culmination of all that we have been going through and working on in the middle of and post-lockdown. This album will take listeners on a journey of emotions and emits all the "feels" of our society. You will feel a bit of our classic sound on this album with some new nodes and fresh direction due in part to the band expanding. This album features a new drummer from the first album, and packs even more of a punch, catchy hooks, and melodies that will make you want to listen again and again. Master & Machine was recorded at The Tonic Room Recording and Mastering Studios in Boise, Idaho and was Mix and Mastered at Area 18 and Abbey Road Studios in London." - Mylo Bybee

Check out this first single and crank it while you're at it.

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