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My Thinking Face Releases A Melodic Alternative Opus

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

My Thinking Face has been releasing material since early 2017 and the latest is a gorgeous melodic rock record that takes you for a musical journey through a bright sonic presence and heartfelt rock.

The Meltdown is a full length album that utilizes an array of colorful rock melodies and soundscapes that bring an anthemic and powerful feel to he release.

Slide guitars, massive riffs and catchy choruses are the name of the game with these guys and they hold nothing back when dropping albums like this.

The record pushes the envelope for the band and it works oh so well.

The release has an air of early 200's radio rock, grungy rock and a grit under toning the polished a huge feel of the record.

There is aggression lying beneath the surface and the band certainly knows how to create songs that feel familiar but new at the same time.

These are cinematic and create an atmosphere surrounding it that is hard to shake off.

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