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MimiQ Drops An EP Of Gleaming and Addicting Songs

If you don't know a lot about the songwriter and producer by the name of MimiQ than let us enlighten you because if you are someone who loves theatrical and shining technique and mixes that approach with a graceful performance style and an array of profound sounds that seem to mix into each other with a purity of sorts.

The artist has a way with building gracious and giving but also imaginative and fulfilling pieces of music that walk the line between reality and something more outlandish and creative.

The newest EP is dropped, and it has a way of flowing and weaving through grooves and hauntingly beautiful arrangements that all fill you with different emotions at different times.

The record is called Dances of Us and it radiates a gleaming and polished production technique, but it still keeps to a heavily creative and glimmering personality.

The pieces are unique and thick with melodies and story while they bear the feeling of getting swallowed by a film or series and not being able to look away.

With today being Christmas, I would suggest you give yourself the gift of escapism through music and not with holiday music but with MimiQ.

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