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Last - Planet“Ruined”

Last Planet's release, "Little More Time," marks the fourth single of 2023, seamlessly weaving their soulful, modern alt-rock essence into a cohesive musical journey. This track serves as a poignant continuation of the themes explored in their earlier 2023 offerings, "Whiskey Breath" and "Seaglass." Delving deep into the realm of human emotion, "Little More Time" digs into the struggle to break free from destructive relationship patterns. Through Rai's emotionally charged vocals, the song lays bare the heartrending experience of facing abandonment due to an inability to enact swift change. The resonant resonance of robust guitars crescendos to convey a turbulent surge of feelings, underscoring the emotional turbulence at the song's core. This emotional apex eventually yields to a chorus that exudes both catchiness and relatability, offering a comforting embrace to the listener.

Their most recent release is entitled “Ruined” and is soulful to the core. It begins with some classical guitar, bass, organ and drums. The vocals are melancholy and heartfelt. There’s emotion coming from every pore of this song. You can sort of bathe in the melancholy which creates a sense of solace.

Enveloped in the mesmerizing tapestry of sound, I found myself utterly impressed by the vocals that graced this composition. As the melody wove its intricate path, the vocalist's kaleidoscopic range unfurled like a vibrant spectrum. The timbre of their voice, a gentle caress upon the senses, carries the listener on a soothing current, effortlessly traversing the auditory landscape.

Guided by the skilled hands of production, the song glistened with an ethereal radiance, every nuance carefully polished to create a luminous brilliance that danced upon the air. The synergy between voice and production was a harmonious duet.

As the song progressed an unforeseen twist carried echoes of Pink Floyd's legendary artistry. Like a cosmic interlude, an instrumental passage unfurled, its reverberations echoing through the cosmos itself. Within its embrace, the song transcended the ordinary. The landing was soft, a tranquil descent that reunited the listener with the familiar.

I have to admit I just recently got introduced to this band and they have a lot going for them. The songs are well crafted and feel like they will appeal to a broad audience. Take a listen.

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