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Kotta Brings A Fresh Character To Pop Music

A new single release from Kotta brings out a lively and character driven song that features some incredibly fun vocal styles that really portray quite a presence and fresh approach to storytelling and lyrical phrasing as the music hits this desert pop rock undertone riddled with guitar lines floating throughout the songs ether.

"New Crowned King" is an exceptionally experimental single that holds little boundaries and really pushes the envelope in terms of songwriting and performance as it all feels so theatrical and that aspect of it really becomes addicting very quickly.

The pop feel is always there, and the song becomes somewhat vast, and its soundscape widens as it plays on, but the grooves are there, strong and quirky, danceable and cinematic.

And there is that cinematic drive behind the song which gives it that unique form of storytelling.

You get such a great array of textured and layered instrumentation but it's the vocals you really pay attention to most because of that story and because of that approach to telling it.

What does it even more is the accompanying music video the single comes with as it features a long-bearded man walking through the desert and having a tough time with it until he comes across a being at which point, he starts to really get into the groove of things.

That video portrays even more of that character and presence that Kotta exudes and it's one of the best ways to listen to the song.

This was an absolutely non-stop soiree and for fans of outside the box styles of songwriting with smart attention to detail while keeping things very danceable, this one is for you.

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