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King Of Cups Drop A Fresh Single And Video

A new single release from King of Cups brings a colorful and classic pop-punk tonality back to the masses with a track that features a warm and heartfelt chorus along with loads of the staple fields and sounds that this band has delivered since day one.

"Missing You" is a killer single and actually has a little bit more depth than what's just on the top layer so you can take it in a few different ways if you really pay attention and I think this is a really important aspect to the delivery of the song itself.

When you listen to a track and you're able to put it into your own perspective and put it into your own life then it can become part of the soundtrack to whatever chapter in your life it speaks to and that is an element in music that can be powerful.

King of Cups has an amazing balance dynamically, especially between that high energy and youthful output but with this mature songwriting style and it also speaks the same in terms of the balance between edginess and color.

We are no strangers to the band and have had the pleasure of reviewing their stuff before and I could definitely say that this is a band that knows how to write a song that catches you but also gives you all the sweet spots that you want from a song of the genre.

They also have a very unique way of growing and evolving as a band musically and maybe that has to do with their personalities as well but either way this is something that shows you the growth of a band and how they work together which is not something you always get.

This track has a lot of hooks and a massive chorus that sticks with you forever, but I think what's just as cool is the music video that accompanies the single because it portrays these other sides of the story that I mentioned earlier and how you can incorporate that to your own life in different ways.

When you watch a music video that's done right, like it is here, you're able to give the song back to the artist again and so it becomes theirs and you get more of a feel for what they wrote it about in the first place.

This is a beautiful thing, and it speaks volumes for how this band puts themselves out there in terms of all these aspects of creativity from the music to the videos.

One of my favorite things about this band in general, not just this one song, but the band is their heart because there's a lot of heart in their releases and that is the thing that jumps out at you in the first place and why the music speaks to you in different ways.

I can definitely say that a song like this, in particular, came from someplace real and genuine and that attribute is something that's evident when you listen to it and when you watch the video.

This track has an awesome radio-friendly feel, and it sounds like something that's been on the radio for at least a few years now.

Definitely check this track out and when you do watch the music video because it's one of the best ways to listen to the song in the first place and turn it up because you also can get a good feel for the band's presence that way.

Remember where you heard it first.

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