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Kickstand Jenny "Between The Lies"

Between The Lies is the latest album from Kickstand Jenny, an alt-rock group from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Kickstand Jenny kicks off with "Love It Or Leave It,” which is an absolutely electrifying opener to the record. You never know what to expect from an alt-rock band because it's such a broad genre, and these talented musicians definitely lean on the heavier side of the rock. A scorching electric guitar riff, oozing with hard rock and metal vibes, bursts into the mix, creating a very satisfying intro. I always appreciate an opener that doesn't waste any time hooking the listener, and this riff is certainly an ear-worm. The punchy drums are headbang-worthy too. When you throw the soaring, pitch-perfect, arena-filling vocals in there, you've got a top-notch rock banger. The vocalist's roaring voice reminds me of classic vocalists, such as Mike Patton (Faith No More) and Brandon Boyd (Incubus). Two top-class bands that could definitely welcome a newcomer such as Kickstand Jenny into their ranks, if they keep developing their sound.

"Standing In The Doorway" opens with chugging notes on a heavily-distorted guitar and powerful vocals atop a slow, but booming, drum beat. There's almost a garage-blues structure to the setup, but it transcends into a breath-taking chorus. It's not just the melody that I love. It's the way the instrumental intensifies, creating yet another arena-filling anthem. Honestly, I could see this band filling out a big stadium. Some artists just have that sound. It's about more than catchy hooks, which Kickstand Jenny offers. It's about having a large, magnetic sound. Sometimes, you just get that vibe from a band. I really hope they achieve the success they deserve. They also seem capable of covering multiple different styles, as many alt-rock bands do. On “Solo,” the vocalist's singing seems almost reminiscent of Jonathan Davis (Korn), and yet the song itself has such a vibrant, upbeat energy. There's such a catchy vocal melody in the chorus. "Solo / Just let go / And move on with your life.” I can still hear this chorus in my head. I love the sizzling guitar solos in the latter half of the track. It's always fantastic when bands give individual members room to flex their musical muscles. There's a great energy to this track. This album has moments of darkness, melancholy and joy.

"Never Gonna Let You Go" even shows that Kickstand Jenny can do country. Yes, that's right. Country. The vocalist has such a flexible range. What a diverse singer. There's some wonderful flanger-washed guitar in this one; it gives the song a slightly cheesy, '80s aesthetic. I mean that in the best possible way. The smooth transition from one musical style to another really keeps this album fresh. It never felt boring. And I really loved the outro, "Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Featuring Jim Riley).” This was a full-on bluesy rock track. Some fantastic acoustic guitar sliding, energetic percussion and passionate vocals. What a closing track to a brilliant album. Definitely worth a listen for anyone who's looking for a record that keeps you guessing from start to finish. It never feels dull or “same-y."

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