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Joe Billy Drops A Personal and Intriguing Single

With a new single just dropped, Joe Billy ventures into a bit of a different territory in terms of songwriting and approach with this moving and brutally honest acoustic rock and folk banger.

Joe Billy is known for his rock approach to things and writing songs that have a kick to them right from the get-go.

The new track is called "Day Terrors" and it does have kick that's for sure, but it is in a different way.

This track features a very personal approach and talks about things that aren't always easy to talk about. Even for anyone really, being able to talk about personal struggle and emotion is a difficult thing to do without question.

But maybe that's why artists like Billy exist. Because when you can't talk about them and you're a musician, then writing songs about them maybe the only way to get them off your chest.

This cathartic approach to dealing with your inner demons most likely works wonders for songwriters. Of course, not all of us have the ability to write songs about our struggles but listening to others and their music focusing on their struggles or their inner demons, is something that we can relate to and this in turn makes us feel like we may not be alone in our troubles.

This song is an acoustic guitar-based Powerhouse of sorts, but it also features this fiddle or violin that plays throughout the song giving it this extra layer of dynamic push.

That in combination with Billy's Point topics and more passionately delivered vocals, make the song incredibly memorable.

You also get all kinds of rustic folk undertones and classic rock Vibes throughout the song's course.

Both of which, no doubt, have most likely always been a part of the artist's influences.

Either way this one really reaches into a new realm for the artist, and it's done very well.

The performance from top to bottom is really on point and you can actually feel that emotion shining through pretty much the whole time.

And that's what you want out of a song like this. You want to be able to feel it and where it came from. You want to be able to understand what it means to the artist and what it could mean to yourself.

All of this is delivered wonderfully from Joe Billy.

This single is certainly worth more than just one listen and if you're someone that gained something from really soaking in music that came from experience and life, struggle, hurt, personal emotion, then this is absolutely for you.

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