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Introducing Charlie Bruber

If you like a mature and smart approach to indie pop music, then It's time you got introduced to Charlie Bruber.

Charlie has a very unique approach to writing pop music as he tends to incorporate some intricate sounds that get rolled up into a pop single that combines the use of guitars, synthesizers, beats, and vocals that bring a pretty unique feel to it all.

The artist has experience performing in different projects and it's likely those influences have come through in his own songs as there is some amazing sounds coming from the songs he's been releasing in recent months.

The newest release is called 'The Weakest Link" and it provides an ambient and sweet feel that washes over you.

The way that ambience is so present, but the song still has such a plucky, poppy style to it. You can dance to it, or you can lose yourself in it.

As far as we can tell there is going to be an album released from the artist and hopefully, we'll be able to get out hands on that as well.

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