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Indus Valley Kings Release A Massive Rock Opus

A massive new album release from Indus Valley Kings takes you for a killer desert rock journey through the vast and fuzztone land of ground rumbling classic riffs that feel like part Sabbath and part Helmet, pounding percussion and deep bass to go along with soulful belting vocals that sit atop this lush rock opus.

The Origin album is packed with these huge rock atmospheres that all have deep grooves, all kinds of vocal harmonies and heart. This band has heart and a pure love for their craft. This is obvious.

You also get these awesome late 70's guitar solos that shred and wail before breaking into a borderline grunge style soundscape.

Breakdowns that give off a genuine old school vibe and touches of psychedelia hiding just beneath the surface, this record is a true banger.

The drumming on this thing is unreal. The whole band really just feeds off of each other's energies and it all feels almost like a perfect live performance of sorts.

It's heavy as hell but not in a metal way. It's all fuzzy classic hard rock with attitude and energy to die for.

Walking basslines, danceable grooves, and songs that feel like you just dropped acid in the bushes in the backyard of a house party and decided to go check out the basement.

Songs travel and take you with them. They create whole other worlds at times and these guys certainly know how to jam as they do so on the record like it was an actual live concert.

This was endless rock fun, and we suggest it to anyone that loves real deal doom, grunge, classic rock, garage and fuzztone with smart songwriting.

Crank this one and enjoy it.

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holy shit that was an incredible review and description man!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m Danny the drummer

Me gusta
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