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Ian The Idiot Drops A Fresh New LP

A brand-new album release from Ian the Idiot brings out a lush and flowing progressive and pop rock approach that oozes with character and creates a sort of different atmosphere with each individual song.

The album is dubbed The Idiot and has a wonderful way of taking you through these different and personal musical journeys that have a way of almost interconnecting with each other as If This Were a kind of concept record.

Now, whether that's true or not, this is one of those albums that have more than a handful of singles that stand on their own two feet very well; however, listening to the full album as a whole is really the way to soak this one in.

By the time you get halfway through the record, you start to realize that you can expect a little bit of the unexpected because there are surprises around the corners and there are more than a few layers to be peeled back here.

The guitar work across the album brings together a number of rock subgenres from progressive to alternative and a lot in between along with some great harmonies and hooks that end up bouncing around your head for hours after the songs have ended.

Some of these songs give me a little bit of a nostalgic feel because they have touches of that '90s radio rock feel as well as classic grunge at times.

There are songs that you can definitely dance to and there are songs that you can rock out with, but all in all the biggest thing about this record is that it has this genuine and authentic feel in terms of where the songs actually came from.

It's like they all are chapters in the artist's life and you're sitting there watching it all go down.

Most songs have the wrong little story to them and that's why it feels like a book you're reading with these different chapters to go through.

This element of the record gives it a sort of escapism factor which is a real refresher these days because we live in such a single-based society that it's hard to find an album that has such a rounded tonality and relatability to it.

You want to listen to this whole record especially after you get through the first few songs.

It's really quite enlightening in terms of having a record that takes you to a different place and then when it's over you have to sort of shake yourself back into your own reality again.

A lot of times you end up paying attention to the lyrics but there are a lot of great guitar parts that just sort of stick with you and the whole record has a way of creating an atmosphere that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

Again, this record has massive character and persona and does a wonderful job of showcasing this project's heart.

And this is awesome because of course you want people to hear your music, but you can tell this is almost 100% And actual passion project.

In my opinion, we need more records like this that are full albums with songs that connect to each other and most with stories individually because it's something that I think we lack a little bit these days in terms of music and that counts for a lot of different genres not just rock.

You will definitely enjoy swimming through this record.

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