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Hullore - EP2

Hullore, an alternative indie rock ensemble hailing from the bustling musical landscape of Los Angeles, CA, presents a sonic odyssey on their Bandcamp page, citing influences ranging from the heavy-hitting realms of Black Sabbath and Deftones to the iconic sounds of Queens of the Stone Age and the grunge pioneers from Seattle: Soundgarden, Nirvana and Alice in Chains. As an aficionado of these revered musical entities, my enthusiasm soared as I delved into their latest release, and suffice it to say, Hullore did not fail to impress.

The inaugural encounter with their sonic universe commenced with "Pie In the Sky," where echoes of Alice In Chains and Queens of the Stone Age reverberated distinctly. The opening riff, audaciously nasty in the most gratifying sense, sliced through the auditory canvas with unparalleled edge and grit. The vocals, though distinct, seamlessly melded into the sonic amalgamation, contributing to the track's immersive allure.

The ensuing sonic assault, aptly titled "Breathe," left an indelible mark. A nod of appreciation to the drummer is in order, as the relentless pace of the song left me metaphorically gasping for air. Unyielding in its tempo, the track refused to hit the brakes, offering an invigorating experience akin to a shot of espresso, delivering a jolt of energy that could rejuvenate even the weariest of listeners.

In the sprawling expanse of "Garden of Faith," a distorted bass, compelling lead guitar and arguably the most infectious vocal melodies coalesced. Nostalgic for the grunge era of the '90s, the composition also bore traces of alignment with the '70s metal ethos of Black Sabbath. A testament to Hullore's ability to traverse diverse sonic landscapes while maintaining a cohesive sonic identity. The magnum opus, "Sun Meets Earth," emerges as the unequivocal standout in this sonic quartet. Demonstrating an adept ability to navigate through distinct sections, the song unfolds with a kaleidoscope of guitar tones and textures. The dynamic shifts within the composition elevate its immersive quality, leaving an indelible imprint on the listener's auditory senses.

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