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Get up and hake it with Matt Von's "Crazy" Release

Toronto native Matt Von just released his new single "Crazy" and it's a smooth reggaetón R&B track with an addictive chorus and enough taste to make you shake it on the dance floor.

The track swells in and incorporates sultry vocals and scattered Spanish classical guitars floating around its either.

The song builds and hits hard but keeps its mellow sheen while Von sings with style.

"Crazy" hits all the marks with a radio friendly flare , a polished sound, and plenty of sex appeal.

This song will work wonders on any party playlist and you'd certainly think Von is getting all the girls with this banger.

The artist has come a long way since releasing his first record in 2017 and his sound has developed and evolved into something to look out for in the coming years.

This great single from Matt Von is available to hear on all platforms.

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