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Fitzkee Brothers Return with A Deep Groove

The latest single release from Fitzkee Brothers keeps to some of their classic rock undertones but also brings in elements of jam and funk in there that really create a groove you have to shake your butt to no matter where you are or who you are.

"Lakesong" really jams with such a colorful approach that you can feel it in your bones and the performance once again feels almost live, which I loved.

They do keep to some of those classic rock roots like I mentioned earlier, and you have some great piano and guitar parts that really hit hard and still let the song remain nice and balanced in terms of keeping that heavy groove and just jamming out like you're watching them on a huge stage at a festival.

Thank goodness we're still getting some great guitar solo work on this one and it's just packed with soul in its performance so you really get the feel of the kind of punch this packs but it still has such a wonderful flow to it, some subtle little breakdowns in there, and there is still a lot of honesty in this track as well if you listen to the lyrics.

It takes all the elements of this track to really make it work from the keys and pianos to the guitar work, vocal performances, and harmonies, and even the bassline and drums all come into play perfectly when making this song as big as it becomes when it hits those climaxes.

The track comes with an amazing hook where the music follows the vocals or vice versa and that section becomes like a key element of the song in terms of its catchiness, and it works like a charm.

We're not strangers to Fitzkee Brothers and their music so hearing this song came through a little bit heavier but still with that classic rock influence, but I think no matter what they do they have this vivacious kind of feel to their performances and this is a big part of what captures the sound so well for this band.

I for one love both their recent releases but I also enjoy the fact that these guys are actually evolving in their music and not just releasing the same thing over and over because I think bands that are advanced and want to change musically and just go with their flow naturally, are the ones that stick around longer.

Fitzkee Brothers is a pretty much perfect example of exactly that and I'm looking forward to whatever comes up next, but this track was just released today so check it out as soon as you can as we did put links to Spotify and everything else just below.

This is a track you can listen to at a good loud volume, and it still sounds perfect.

Make sure you also check out their previous track "Give You All My Love" after this one and remember where you heard it first.

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