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Eye Creatures Deliver a Crazy Fun Album

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Eye Creatures hit us with a crazy fun garage pop-punk and ska record that feels like a blitzkrieg of energy you didn't see coming but it feels awesome, and it's all done with all the bells and whistles you could ant from a record like this but with extra edge added.

The Insert Disc 2 album is packed to the brim with endlessly danceable grooves and riffs that are all incredibly addictive and have a way of getting your blood pumping.

The coolest thing about the record is that it all feels like a live performance. The energy levels are nuts, but it also feels like the players are feeding off each other's energies as well and that in part, makes it so impactful and hard hitting that you can feel it.

These guys thrash out and melt faces with a gusto and colorful but alternative undertone, fun backing vocals, catchy hooks all over the place and even boasts some grunge feels.

You certainly get your fill with this massive album and it's something that hits like a sucker punch to the gut. In a good way. A very good way.

Vocals change up from crusty punk style to classic grunge approaches and it all seems to fit in depending on the song. So, you get this full array of badass music that covers so much ground it's out of control.

There's even tracks with old school Sabbath style bendy guitar riffs and darkened themes.

So, you do end up wanting to see these guys crush it live. But the album itself holds that vibe and it works like a damn charm.

Turn this one up.

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