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Emergent Disaster Alert Drops A Cinematic Soundscape

Emergent Disaster Alert released an EP that gives off a ton of beautifully woven layers that float atop each other and create atmospheres and soundscapes that engulf you and let you wash away with them as they build into percussive, neon lit, break beats and house undertones.

The songs on the Splatter Condition EP are outstandingly crisp, lush, and do a great job of painting these sorts of vivid images in your head with just the music alone.

Songs swell and sway, each with a new set of synth tones and cinematic approach that grow from one thing into something else.

They have this natural freeing feeling to them in a way which is refreshing and crisp.

The tracks all have his percussive subtlety that as they drive into and endless night along a dark and windy road with lights off in the distance.

They give off this retro undertone and synths have the air of vintage film soundtracks but also dip into this EDM field as well.

It's experimental but very well put together and with much attention to the details and intricacies in order to provide the right feel or vibe.

Once you start to picture that imagery, it can't be broken so the song makes sure of that. They never break character.

But as a whole, this EP is graceful and feels like being young and staring off into the stars in the night sky before going to hang out with friends.

It's welcoming or warming in a way.

The finishing touches on these songs make them shine. They feel like there is a looseness in there. That's that freeing feeling. But they are really built carefully.

Emotionally fueled it seems at times, the EP touches on all kinds of areas.

This EP comes and goes quickly but it's full bodied and hits this sweet spot in your brain.

Dive into this one when you can!




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