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Deep In Moon Drops An Edgy And Danceable Rock Record

The new EP drop from Deep In Motion is a lively and genuine rock soiree that boasts some outrageous guitar work that just screams at your face, organs that fill the air, and a driving sound that makes you want to get up and dance with your hands in the air all night.

The Time Flies EP is packed to the brim with killer guitar work and vocals that really give of this live performance feel as it puts off a slightly blues rock undertone and does it all with attitude and swagger.

The band is absolutely ridiculous. Drumming is perfect and alive, the bass walks and crushes, and the keys are always such a pivotal part of the songs.

This is unique but familiar record and sound as it's not the newest thing you've heard. It's not breaking boundaries, but it's incredibly damn good.

It's like witnessing the band destroy live right in front of you.

There is also almost always this pop sheen on everything as well. The songs get really catchy and fun. They are always danceable and have these deep-rooted grooves and a bit of ambience or mystery really.

These guys really know how to shred, and they capture such a great energy as they do it.

The changes in the songs are often unexpected but get you moving quickly. It's all so fun and edgy at the same time.

That combination makes thigs quite addicting honestly and the band pulls this all off without a hitch.

The songs also get cinematic and have the ability to really blow you away with unexpected parts and arrangements that are just killer.

This record is for thinkers, and fans of real deal rock that gets funky, fun, and real.

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