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Dawn Of Dusk Lays Out A Personal Rock Single

If you're not familiar with the project called dawn of dusk, then let me be the first to introduce you to it the pleasure is indeed actually mine because this project is actually quite wonderfully performed and very personally approached with solid edge that hints to a harder Rock skin just beneath a vast acoustic form.

Now, dawn of dusk is a project that although sounds like a group of four people, is actually built and performed with one man standing at its helm.

The songwriter has a way of stringing together this one-on-one and up-close Style and bringing it into something that's a little bigger.

The guitars spread throughout the songs and are able to produce a really cool and interesting tone or set of tones I should say.

There has been a recent release from this project as of late and one of the main singles from it is called "Hold On Move On" which manages to touch on that personal tone.

The writer is named Petar and is able to portray a very unique songwriting feel but seems to still let that hard rock shine on through which makes it even more relatable.

"Hold On Move On" is an excellent single but there are also others that hit that sweet spot like "Dear Friend" which keeps to that honest and personal style.

I think we need more music like this in general. Something that was born from an actual experience happening. Or likely did anyway. A lot of times things affect us, and we don't know how to let it out or express how we feel about them.

That's kind of why people like Petar and projects like Dawn of Dusk are so important. They let us understand and they let us think. If we're lucky, they'll let us feel too.

I'd suggest checking this track out but also going through some of the other songs in his catalogue as they are really quite beautifully performed.

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