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Dark Archer Releases A Massive New Single

A beautifully darkened and edgy single release from Dark Archer brings out such a smooth alternative pop tonality that feels massive and orchestrated with swelling synth pads, pianos, and musical hooks that dig into your head and manage to stick around for hours.

"My Fantasies" has a deepening feel and descriptive lyrics performed with grace and passion as it pushes the song into a space that feels a little haunting and breeds those darker edges.

This does indeed feel pretty vast in a way and the soundscape of it has a certain realm of power that is able to sort of reel you in.

The single is alluring and can be engulfing at times, but it feels good to let it do its thing.

The song feels alive and swims around you letting you float alongside it, and it's got this soothing aspect to it as well that almost seems peaceful.

This was a well built and woven single and it looks to be our very first taste of Dark Archer, so we do look forward to more tasty morsels in the coming months.

It's a little too good to be the only thing out for too long.

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