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Dan Caine Releases A Massive Soundscape Of An Album

A new release from Dan Caine brings a gorgeous set of textured melodies and sounds together for a progressive rock record that gives off a lush and massive soundscape.

The Also Known As Life album is vast and enlightening even as guitars swim around the atmosphere creating a world for you to fall into.

The release is built of layered guitars and percussion that lets you dream awake while synths and fuzztones melt into clean tones and harmonies appear while the cinematic and impactful sound takes over your thoughts.

This is a thinking record. It's best listened to alone at home with a pair of good headphones and a glass of whiskey.

A beautiful and tastefully woven album, Also Known As Life gives emotion, gracefully performed playing, and enough melodic hooks to stick in your head for days.

The songs each bring a different palette to the table along with a change of emotion and drive and it makes the record swell and sway with life.

Organs fill the air and guitars twang on and it's incredibly easy to just get washed away with the whole damn thing.

This release has tracks that are up to 9 minute opuses and spans a vast set of feels and sounds.

It all has the ability to cause memories to flash in your head and it's sort of like a dream you don't want to wake from.

Fall into this album when you can. You won't soon regret it.

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