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Copperhead Jones Brings Us A Genuine Country Album

A fresh release from Copperhead Jones brings out an incredibly vivid style of storytelling in the form of vast country rock singles that touch on cinematic undertones and are boasted with passionate performances and lush soundscapes with instrumentation that goes beyond ailing guitars.

The Anchor album is riddled with violin, organs and piano, powerful drumming and percussion along with basslines that compliment every single track and guitar work that rings out with a true and genuine tonality that pulls you right in.

Sitting atop all of this is robust vocals that hits that sweet spot and leaves nothing to the imagination with empowering approaches and full swing soul that grabs at you and keeps you there.

The band feels almost like a live performance at times as if the players are feeding off of each other's energies and this gives everything this alive and breathing feeling to it.

One of the best things about this record is how the lyrics paint these vivid pictures and from a standpoint that you can really understand them as you soak it all in. And that's what this album needs to do. It needs to soak in and as it does it gives you these layers of personal and real experiences and emotionally driven songs.

The record is exploding with life as a matter of fact. It feels good to listen to it all the way through. it's sort of freeing in a way.

You get the dirt road country cowboys songs, but you also get these, hands in the air, freedom and heart that comes along with real deal country music, and Copperhead Jones captures all of this so well that it's a wonder we haven't been listening to him for years now.

There is a lot here and it is actually best to dive into this record with headphones and some whiskey to be honest.

But do it how you will. Either way, just do it. It's more than worth your time.

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