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Class Of 91 Releases A Massive Rock Album

In a new album release, Class of 91 hits that robust but edgy alternative pop rock sweet spot that boasts an incredibly radio friendly feel but also hence towards classic underground late '90s rock that we all sort of know and miss.

The Lost Stories album is riddled with anthemic and massive hooks that bring out an almost live performance energy as the band seems to feed off of each other the entire time.

The songs all have something a little bit different to offer and stand on their own two feet very well but listening to the album as a whole is the way to go with this one.

This record has a few layers to it that you don't really expect when you first hear it but as you go through the album you find them and you peel them back.

I found this incredibly fun to do alongside just blasting these songs with their bright and colorful sonic soundscape.

This record is truly endlessly fun and it really shows the bands absolute love for their craft. This is completely evident from the beginning to the end.

These guys have a pure passion for what they're doing and you can feel that in the music in the recordings.

Now, this is the kind of thing that makes you want to go see a band live in your face because you just know that that performance is going to be ridiculous.

You know that heart's going to shine through when you see these guys play live and you can't help but think about that while you're listening to this record from time to time.

You can also hear bits and pieces of these different influences peaking through if you go through the whole record as well so this helps the record feel so much more rounded because these influences work with each other so well that everything comes off charming.

The release has a lot of this kind of inspirational or positive pop rock vibe but there are dark edges hidden throughout the record as well and this again, is why listening to the whole thing is really the way to go.

There are definitely more than a few gems on this record and the choruses on those are just amazing.

There are so many absolutely memorable moments throughout the record that end up bouncing around in your brain long after it's ended that the only way to satiate them is to really play it again and I think that's smart song writing.

Class of 91 has the arena rock sound of today and this sort of thing isn't reinventing the wheel of course, but it's done really well and makes you want more and more.

Definitely play this one nice and loud and you'll find yourself singing along by the second time around.

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